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Tenancy Law

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Almost every natural person, but also legal entities, are concerned with tenancy law. It is very extensive and essentially regulates the relationship between tenant and landlord. A very large part of the law deals with the justification, the form and the termination of a tenancy agreement. The person concerned is regularly confronted with the question of repayment of the deposit, contractual use of the rental object, cosmetic repairs and the obligation to carry them out (rigid renovation clauses!), warranty claims, continuation of the rental agreement, questions of modernisation and rent increases, while the question of the correctness of an incidental costs settlement regularly takes up a great deal of space. In addition, there are the questions of eviction and return of the rental property, compensation for use, pre-emption rights, but also numerous questions from the area of condominium owners' associations, if a condominium owner owns an apartment in an apartment building with numerous other co-owners. Our law firm has many years of experience in the field of tenancy law and has been active in the majority of the competent local and regional courts in the Rhein-Main area. We do not shy away from disputes in court, but also regularly try to work out solutions to problems in advance.